When will my order be delivered?

Orders will be delivered within 5 working days once payment has been recieved

What will I be charged for a delivery fee?

Delivery fees are calculated at 10% of the final order total.

How will I know the status of my order?

You will be notified via email should the status of your order change. The status of an order will be managed by Tshepy Boutique and labelled as either processing, cancelled or complete.


What is your Returns Policy?

Returns are accepted within a period of 7 Days of delivery. Should the item be damaged a 24 hour allowance is given to report the damage once delivery has been made or the return will be rejected.


What is your cancellation Policy?

All Payfast orders that aren’t paid for within 60 minutes are cancelled automatically. Should you wish to cancel a Payfast or EFT order after payment please notify Tshepy Boutique and we will manage the refund process manually into the relevant accounts.